Students in STEM fields vote at the lowest rates among all students.

In 2016, only 43.6% of STEM students voted. In 2014, less than 16% cast a ballot.
Let’s change that.

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Hold yourself accountable To vote.

Register to vote, become an informed voter, and cast your ballot in the November 6th election.

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Hold classmates accountable to vote

We’re talking class announcements, emails, texts, student org voter registration drives, class competitions, and more.

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use and share resources

Check out these resources to increase voter registration and turnout in the STEM community.

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Let's get more STEM students into the voting booth in 2018 and beyond.
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College students are typically eligible to vote in their home state, or the state in which they're attending college (if different). In addition, in-state students can register to vote in-person at their campus address, or they can vote absentee at a permanent home address. For more info check out the useful FAQ at this link:
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(1) Student voting figures sourced from Tufts University’s National Student Learning, Voting, and Engagement.

(2) Total population voting figure sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau.