Introducing STEMvotes!

STEMvotes is a student-led organization to get STEM students and professionals out to the polls come November. We're focusing first on graduate students through campus events and programming, but our resources are available and applicable to anyone in the scientific world. 

Why STEMvotes?

Science isn't a niche issue, and it shouldn't be - science is relevant to everything we do in our lives. But then again, what could happen if the STEM community was seen as a niche constituency worth catering to? What if we were a voting bloc that inspired politicians to take a stance on not just the hot-button scientific issues like climate change and GMO's, but on the fundamental idea of science? We can change the world, be requiring that science, technology, engineering and math be involved in the policy-making process.

6.1% of the American workforce are in STEM jobs. (1) That's more than the percentage differential in 13 states' 2016 presidential election results. (2) It's high time to remind politicians that STEM is a community worth targeting, because #STEMvotes.