Get Out The Vote

Here are some useful files, images, and other things. Feel free to download and use them as you work to promote STEMvotes on campus and social media.


Happy Hour + Voter Registration = Better

Why not crash those events departments are holding at the beginning of the year with some voter registration forms in hand? Or better yet, ask permission. This email, sent to department admins and/or your friends in the department, will A) notify the department you're coming and B) help you figure out when and where to show up. 

button making party

Imagine how great it would be to share buttons with people you pass on campus that will remind them to GOTV. These button templates are just what you need to make a set of buttons of your own, including with the "STEM Votes" logo and the "Science is for Everyone" tag line. Get these today & share them with your friends!


NSLVE Data on Voting Trends among Students

Tufts University reported that STEM students have the lowest rates of voter participation among all majors. We can change that!